We don’t just help you buy and sell property and buildings. We make it happen for the maximum benefit of our clients. This is because we are your neighbours, friends and community members. Your success is everything to us.

Jennifer Tedford offers more than real estate experience and expertise. Her outgoing, honest and approachable attitude is what you will appreciate the most. Jennifer was born and raised on a farm in the Chesley area. Prior to making dream homes a reality for her clients, she spent over twenty years as a decorating professional.

Dave Tedford complements his wife’s skills with extensive management, strategic and promotional planning experiences. But, it will be his easy demeanour that will make your buying or selling experience run smoothly. On a farm in Tara is where Dave was born, raised and continues to be involved in the community.

Jennifer Tedford
Jennifer TedfordBroker
519-372-8406 (Direct)
519-371-1202 (Office)

Growing up in Grey-Bruce, Jennifer had the opportunity to learn from various customer service rolls but nothing ever felt quite right. It wasn’t until she tried her hand at real estate that she truly found her calling.

“If you love your job, you never work a day in your life.”

Jennifer has spent the last 13+ years helping people manoeuvre through the home buying and selling process. For the last 6 years, by working with her husband Dave, they have been making dreams come true for many people in Bruce & Grey Counties.

In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, the team expanded to 6, & Jennifer is so proud to be part of a dynamic, exciting group of people! Combine the experience of the Team with the RE/MAX advantage, and you have an unbeatable combination to guide you through the home Selling or buying process!

Dave Tedford
Dave TedfordSales Representative
519-270-8125 (Direct)
519-363-3335 (Office)

A life long resident of the area, Dave currently resides with his wife and real estate partner, Jennifer, in Tara. Being born and raised on his family farm, Dave was tough early the value of hard work. After completing high school in Chesley, Dave went on to study Drafting at George Brown College in Toronto. The skills and knowledge gained during that time gave Dave extensive understanding of home building and design. Prior to his real estate career, Dave spent over 25 years in upper management with several large companies.

Dave brings a deeper understanding of commercial and agricultural experience to the team. He has been involved in the community for many years with minor hockey both as a coach and board executive member, as well as on the local Arran Tara Agricultural Society.

The future is bright with Team Tedford. We’ll get you home!

Kelly Farrow
Kelly FarrowBroker
519-379-8191 (Direct)
519-934-2040 (Office)

Kelly was born and raised in Grey-Bruce and has been immersed in sports and adventure in the region ever since. A proud Team Tedford member since 2019, he’s grown up in the world of real estate, renovations and rental properties and that familiarity has motivated his drive as a Broker and added to our cohesive team and common sense approach.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Kinesiology and Pedorthics from Western University and Entrepreneurship from Fanshawe prior to operating his own healthcare business. This experience in client-focused healthcare combined with his extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, ongoing market trends, and the hot-selling features of a home assures you the highest standards of professional service.

As one of the area’s premier high performance volleyball coaches and with a passion for inspiring others to reach their goals, he can give you the competitive edge you need and help you achieve all of your real estate dreams!

Stacey Hammell
Stacey HammellSales Representative
519-477-2045 (Direct)
519-363-3335 (Office)

“I believe that everyone can and should own a piece of Real Estate and invest in their future.”

Stacey is up for the responsibility of helping you through one of the largest decisions you’ll ever make! She gives 110% because she knows that your success is her success.

Stacey and her family have been in the Chesley and surrounding area for many generations. The connections made through the years allow Stacey to find the right person for just about anything. After graduating from Sheridan College with a degree in business, specializing in marketing, Stacey has the upper-hand advantage when it comes to promoting and marketing your home. Through her various rolls in business position within large corporations and her real estate experience, you can guarantee you will receive the support you deserve while working with her.

Stacey became a member of Team Tedford at the end of 2020 and she has proved herself a worthy competitor on the RE/MAX Grey Bruce team! 

Debbie McNabb
Debbie McNabbSales Representative
519-477-8369 (Direct)
519-363-3335 (Office)

Debbie has always been a lifelong active member of the community, whether it be serving on the executive board for the Township of Chatsworth Minor Hockey Association, accepting the president’s position for the Desboro Community Club or dedicating her time to manage and train her children’s sports teams, she has always exhibited a strong sense of community. Her dedication and community involvement has allowed her to meet new people and gain some very important friendships along the way.

Debbie’s vast knowledge of the region has given her unique insights into the needs and wants of her clients. Debbie passion for helping others is what drove her to pursue a career in real estate. While partnering with her husband of over 25 years to successfully run and operate a family run and long-standing roofing business, Debbie was able to gain an important knowledge base that will help serve her current and future clients.

Christine Halliday
Christine HallidayAdministrator
(Office) 519-363-3335

Christine provides a young and alternative perspective to the team. Christine became a member of our team in 2017 while finishing her Developmental Services worker diploma. After working in her chosen field for several years, she chose to switch her focus to take on more responsibility within the team. She has now been the full time office administrator in the Chesley Office since it opened.

Stepping into an Office Administrators roll is not always easy, but Christine’s willingness to learn and ability to work as part of a team has made her a valuable asset to our growing team. Her younger perspective has proved useful as she runs the marketing and social media programs as well as inputs into our local advertising campaigns. Christine is excited for the future of Team Tedford.

Buying or selling, we’re in this together. And together, we’ll get you home.


Our comprehensive 8-point marketing plan is focused on selling your home, farm or business. Our team of Realtors, combined with the full support of RE/MAX, makes a workforce unlike any other. Our strategies are proven effective. Contact us today to sell or purchase property.


A Buyer is knowledgeable and will not necessarily overpay. We consider the following when pricing your home:

  • Location.
  • Condition (current and potential).
  • Timeframe for sale (is a quick sale important, or can you wait?).

Why finding the right price matters:

  • Less inconvenience for Buyers.
    Increased sales person responses.
    Increases exposure to a broad range of prospects.
    Better response from advertising and sign calls.
    Attracts “cleaner” financing.
    Attracts higher offers.
    Means more money to you, the seller.
    Avoids your property from appearing “shopworn”.

Key Tips

1. Steps For Showing Your Home

Once we’ve listed your home, the next step is to “Show” your home. The process is easy—especially for you, because we take care of it all.

  1. We gather the pertinent information about your home and enter it into our computer system.
  2. Other agents who wish to show your home to qualified Buyers will contact our office to request a date and time.
  3. Our office will contact you to verify the date and time requested. We want you to have plenty of notice, so things are convenient for you.
  4. Provided you approve the date and time request, our office will verify the arrangement with the requesting Agent.
  5. We install a secure lock box on your property. The code for it will only be given out to bona-fide agents.
  6. We always let you know when a lock box will be opened!
  7. A Public Open House is also an effective option we consider. These are generally held on weekends.

It’s just that easy. With this in place, you’re ready for the next step.

2. Tips For Getting Ready To Sell

With the combined power of the Tedfords and the RE/MAX brand behind you, you’ll be in a great position to bring visibility to your home’s listing.

  • Picture your home through a Buyer’s eyes. Be critical of the fine details.
  • CURB APPEAL is critical. Buyers make impressions in less than 15 seconds.
  • Trim up bushes & shrubs, keep lawns manicured; snow removal in winter.
  • Complete any exterior painting that is needed … especially front door.
  • Make sure lock works efficiently.
  • Clean & declutter. Remove unnecessary items. Make rooms open and airy.
  • Smell is important! But, don’t overuse air fresheners—bake cinnamon buns!
  • Give potential buyers their space. Don’t hang around.
  • Minimize the evidence of pets and don’t have them around for showings.
  • Make sure temperature in the house is not too hot, or too cold.
  • Keep toilet lids down.
  • Brighter is better. Get as much light in each room as possible. Leave lights on.
  • Music can set the mood. Play something soft and relaxing.
  • Store all personal items, including mail, jewellery and medications out of sight.
  • Don’t forget your closets! Tidy them up.
  • Remove all garbage and refuse.

3. The Offer Process

Once offers have been registered by potential buyers, we compile them and meet with you to discuss your options. The entire process is easy. Here’s how we can handle it:

  • In Person. Both the Buyers and the Sellers, with their agents, meet to negotiate the offer. We prefer meeting in our office because we will have all of the necessary tools on hand. This is where having a strong “Poker Face” works to your advantage! Afterwards, we privately discuss the offer with you to determine if it is acceptable, or if we should counter-offer.
  • Online. A Buyer’s agent may wish to submit their offer by e-mail. The only downside is that this method often takes longer to complete as we have to wait for each party to respond electronically.
  • Multiple offers. When this happens, we set a time and place to accept the offer presentations from the various agents. With multiple offers, there is usually less need for negotiations, as the one or more of the offers will likely be acceptable to the seller.
  • Conditional Period. An offer on your home will be conditional based on financing and home inspection. This is typically a 10 business day term. If all goes according to plan, your home will be “Firm” sold and a SOLD sign will be placed on the property.