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(From the Municipality of Meaford’s web site)

Whether it’s the beautiful scenery, infinite outdoor adventures, the small-town lifestyle, or the friendly people, there are so many reasons people from near and far choose Meaford as their home.

Here you can find out more about living in Meaford, and get information on the Municipal services that are available to you. You can work, live and play, right here in the Municipality of Meaford.

Meaford is a four-season playground that has it all: great live theatre and concerts, fresh local food, unique shopping, nature at your doorstep, recreational activities, a beautiful harbour and waterfront campground, and so much more. We are home to Meaford Hall – a restored 330-seat theatre, concert and cinema venue – plus unique boutiques, delicious eateries, and services of all kinds. Just a few minutes out of the downtown core you’ll find acres of rolling countryside, charming historic villages, secluded beaches and unspoiled natural areas.

The views are amazing, the people are friendly, and the opportunities are endless. It’s all happening, right here in Meaford.


  • Arena and Community Centre
  • Blue Dolphin Pool
  • Harbour
  • Library
  • Meaford Hall
  • Meaford Museum
  • Memorial Park (and others)
  • Beautiful Joe Pavilion